jama time

jama time

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We are back!!! I know I made a New Year's Resolution to be better at this, but now settled in our new bigger house with high speed capabilities I may just get this done. My kids literally have grown overnight, especially by looking at my last post to current post. Zada now 28 months old, yes the terrible two's, is talking maniac. She is a busy little girl and is so much happier now that she can communicate with all of us. Melt downs are further apart, but she still likes things her way. Luca is still our mad scientist. He just got his progress report and was very excited to count all the S+ marks his teacher made. I hope it stays that way. With the holidays fast approaching we are excited to have our families over to entertain in our new home. We finally have the room!! So, if anyone still checks out this blog of ours we are glad to be back!!

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Markelle said...

So glad to see your back!!!